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Tintop is a series of tall islands clustered in a bay and connected to one another by a series of bridges. Tintop consists of several districts. The district closest to the mainland is a sort of market ward. The second is a hive of scum and villainy which has object fencing and is home to the Noxidrome. At the very end of the Chain of islands is a bank, which pre-stream the party once kept from being robbed and Elenya accidentally killed a man.

Tintop can in many ways be thought of like a smaller scale Gygax. Businesses and markets tend to be at the top of everything, with residences and mining operations below them digging into the sides of the islands.

Tintop was first mentioned in Charisma Saves Episode 1, unfortunately it is stated that there is no place in Tintop called "Sex Hole."

Businesses and Attractions[]

  • Bergus' Apothecary
  • Earwell's Scriptorium
  • Exum's Armaments
  • Gezella's Wonderous Leather and Chain
  • Polo Featherbottom's Resplendent Repitour
  • Tintop Press
  • Noxidome
  • Tin Bank
  • Dawnlord Linet's Temple
  • Kensei Arbol's(sp) Forge
  • The Dragon and the Serpent