Charisma Saves Wiki

A map of kadoor

Primarily Charisma Saves takes place on a world is known as Kadoor, which is inhabited by a great many races of all shapes and sizes. Kadoor has a deep a varied history but most recently it has been under the governance of the Lasting Council for over 800 years.

Cities and Towns[]

  • Brown-cedar Hold
  • Dison
  • Gygax
  • Ivory Drift
  • Marengo
  • Nightstone
  • The Nest (city)
  • Tintop

Businesses and Shops[]


  • Pine Barrow
  • Gygax Sewers

Notable locations[]

  • Blackwood
  • Crypts of Bilika
  • Elven tower
  • The Fey Gate of Marengo
  • Necromancer's tower
  • The Noxidome
  • Skypoint
  • The White Pines

Extraplanar Locations[]

  • Carbomac Subterain
  • Esylegroth
  • Home of Black Matilda Frogwart
  • The Meat Dimension
  • Tomb of Fannihilation