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Ivellios Oiseau (played by Alex) is a snow owl (Highborn) Aarakocran, member of The Keepers of Eight, and current emperor of the Aarakocrans. He has white feathers with the tips of his wings and claws becoming black from his blood hunter mutations. Currently holds the title Ivellios Oiseau, Ibis of Air. Prior to his reign as Emperor, the Aarakocrans were lead by his brother, Caius, and his father, Tatain.

In hatch order, Ivellios is younger than Caius despite being from the same clutch. However, he had always been favoured by his father to be his successor which only deepened the resentment held by Caius against Ivellios.


Ivellios is the emo of the party. He often has to deal with angst. He is willing to do what has to be done and really cares for his friends.

While his brother was alive, Ivellios had a deep-seated and mutual resentment of his brother, Caius.

He is ok with the Professor having taxidermied and kept his cousin's wings in his collection for academic purposes, totally not weird.


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