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Factions have roots all over the place.

The Oath[]

The oath is a faction that performs politically motivated crime. It is unknown what their end-goals are or their power structure. They seem to be allied with The keepers of 8.


Tintop Crime Syndicate[]

The Tintop Crime Cyndicate operates out of Tintop and seems to be a simple crime syndicate with wide-reaching influence. The organization is led by a beholder by the name of Santrark and his "son", a gauth beholder named Thurdo.


The Watchdogs[]

The Watchdogs are an adventuring party from the East.


  • Naria
  • Orana
  • Vas
  • Vesnias
  • Sophie

The Golgari Swarm[]

The Golgari are a druidic faction concerned with the natural balance. They operate out of a swamp and are led by a woman they call The Matriarch.


The Ivory Drift Underground[]

This criminal faction is based in the Ivory Drift and seems to have great wealth and power. It is not clear if there is a clear power structure.

Jimbo and the Boys[]

Jimbo and the Boys are a group from Morengo.


  • Jimbo
  • The Boys