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Egnir (played by Randy) is a wood elf and a member of both the Keepers of 8 and the Golgari Swarm. He currently holds the title of Ochran of the Storm among the Golgari.


He is of average height for a wood elf, roughly 5'5, and has a thin frame. His skin is a copper tan with brown hair pulled back in dreadlocks and vivid green eyes. He wears the traditional moodmark paint of the Golgari with black circles around his eyes and three jointed lines resembling insect legs descending from each eye. As Ochran of the Storm, he also has a solitary black line down the middle of his chin. For armor he wears weathered leather armor that has been overgrown by his symbiotic fungus in a way that resembles platemail over his chest and shoulders.


Egnir has a very dry personality due to the nature of his Golgari training. He does not speak much and struggles with many idioms and figures of speech. His loyalty is to the Golgari and his Matriarch and he will not let anything or anyone compromise that.

In the Hartnell, he spends his time within the greenhouse where he has cultivated a mixture of enormously overgrown rose bushes and various fungi.


Egnir was born into the Golgari swarm an unknown number of years ago. Like all Golgari, he was raised as a collective and does not know his biological parents specifically. At a young age he was noticed for his combat abilities and trained to be an agent for the Matriarch. At the completion of this training, he was allowed to choose a name for himself and gifted with his druidic powers by the Matriarch. The name he chose for himself was Egnir, which means "son of thorns" in Elvish.

He continued to work for the Matriarch, undertaking missions to further the goals of the Golgari in the world and maintain the stable balance between the material and elemental planes. On one such mission, he was tasked with infiltrating the Nest to determine the source of a disturbance between the material plane and the elemental plane of air. In order to get into the Nest undetected by the Aarakocran military, he allied himself with The Oath.


"They did not send a diplomat to make arrangements." - to Emperor Caius Oiseau after Caius dismissively offered to negotiate an end to his tampering with the plane of air

"I could simply shatter their kneecaps and get ze lollipop back" - Egnir (Episode 29).